gals of Ice cream

gals of chocolate sauce

cans of whipped cream

pounds of sprinkles


Teams consist of 8 or more people

  1. Assigned section of Ice Cream Sundae
  2. All needed supplies: Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Strawberry Topping, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles
    Cherries, Bowles, Spoons, and Ice Cream Scoopers
  3. Official Team Photo
  4. Official World Record Certificates of Recognition for all team members
  5. Option for Official Team Shirts (only available to team members)

Can’t depend on 7 others, You are not alone!

We have teams that need additional members

Join together with others and form a team

Eating Ice Cream, Making New Friends & Setting a World Record

What could be better!!

Don’t want to be on a building team, But you ♥︎ Ice Cream?

Don’t worry!

A Mile of Sweet Creamy ( use HEB “Creamy”) Yumminess needs lots of eaters

Join us to indulge your sweet tooth!

Additional info contact
Cynthia Caronna