By Karyn Ho, Spirit of Texas Festival Publicity Committee

Howdy! Here is a little thought experiment: Think about something that you have accomplished today. Now, think about how your mobility helped you accomplish that task. Whether it was your ability to walk, run or travel, you needed to get from one place to another to accomplish your goal.

Many people do not have the gift of mobility that we take for granted every day. Mobility Worldwide provides mobility to people in developing countries who cannot walk so they can have the opportunity to achieve a normal life.

Mobility Worldwide is a faith-based non-profit whose mission is to assist people who have mobility problems in developing countries. Volunteers build mobility carts at workshops hosted locally. In fact, the Mobility Worldwide Brazos Valley has built over 3,000 mobility carts while, together with 26 other workshops in the USA, have built a total of over 68,000 carts.

The Spirit of Texas Festival, presented by H-E-B Creamy Creations, will donate a portion of festival proceeds to benefit Mobility Worldwide Brazos Valley. “Brazos Valley Mobility Worldwide plans to create more opportunities for needy people in developing countries who have mobility problems by providing them with the transportation they need to go to school or work, provide for their families and participate in their community,” said Colin Wilkinson, the Brazos Valley Mobility Worldwide Chairman.

Festival organizers are happy to shine the spotlight on the non-profit’s good work. “We hope that more people will become aware of the local Mobility Worldwide in Brazos Valley and see that locally, there are many ways we can help a global cause,” said Cynthia Caronna, the Spirit of Texas Festival founder and executive director.

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